Chateau-X has quite the story, born out of lockdown, we took a luxurious chateaubriand experience to homes across the UK. That's right, we are part of the HOME-X family!

Growing our offering throughout lockdown saw demand for us to increase so much, we knew we couldn't stop when life resumed to the 'new normal'.

That brings us to today, Chateau-X in Finnieston, our first official restaurant, home to our luxurious Chateaubriand experience, for a reasonable price. Not skipping out on quality either as you might know already, we're vocal about being local.

Our mission is simple - bring top quality locally sourced meat (you can read about our local suppliers here) and produce to our community, with a bit of banter on the side. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our menu, our cocktails and not to forget our big juicy chateaubriands. See you soon!